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Ever since I drove by the new compound being built at the Campus in Playa Vista, I’ve been captivated by the bold architectural lines of these new buildings.  Seems like everyone in Silicone Beach is moving to Playa these days, so it was not exactly a surprise that Yahoo! was joining ranks with Google, YouTube, Fox, and Imax.  But I was pleasantly surprised to be reunited with some colleagues I hadn’t had the pleasure of working with since I produced RedBull’s project in 2008.   Yahoo’s new offices will span three buildings and are being put together with breakneck speed…   So fast, time lapse seems redundant!

A Walk in the Garden

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Sometimes a little bit of change can make all the difference.   Our clients at Divco West are renovating an iconic three-building complex in El Segundo just South of the airport. One of the focal points of the renovation is the common garden that was an un-utilized mess.  We are happy to photograph the transformation as it unfolds and deliver live views to their managers and executives as it progresses.     A small, but satisfying project for us!

A Scientific Study in Discretion

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Recently a client asked us to assist them in determining whether the cracks in their decorative ceiling were growing, and if so, whether they were linked to any activity in the building. Since this facility was in use and open to the public, discretion was of the utmost importance! We devised a unique camera mount and monitoring system to provide extremely long term time-lapse photography of the area in question that was hidden from the public’s sight and uploaded to our servers automatically over the internet.

The results?? Stay tuned….wt_loki

Return to the Mysterious Client

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This month marks our return to a certain adult beverage company that prefers to keep their methods and identity a secret! Apparently they were so impressed with our work on their last improvement project, they wanted the CC treatment on their new secret bottling line.  It is an incredible trip into a Willy Wonka world of old and new world technology…   Unfortunately we are bound by contract not to reveal or exhibit their inner sanctum.    One thing we are especially good at is keeping our client’s secrets. So, for now enjoy a picture of Bob and I at their undisclosed location.   Cheers!Loki_Bob_Mystery

CCine on the 405

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Construction Cinema recently had the rare opportunity to shoot in the middle of the 405 freeway as we documented the nighttime resurfacing project. It was an incredible process to watch as a train of demolition crews chipped up and hauled away the existing roadway followed by a mobile concrete factory laying a new road base. Then giant preformed slabs of roadway were lowered into place and secured. A truly otherworldly scene, captured with our new Motion Control rig resulting in indelible images. So much respect for these brave men who work all night to keep our freeways smooth and safe!Loki_405

Construction Cine hears Sonos’ call

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We are pleased to be working with Sierra Pacific on the exciting Sonos project in Santa Barbara. Rather than move into an impersonal business park, these cool technologists are converting several existing structures around the town that they love. Among the projects we are documenting are the revitalization of one of Santa Barbara’s oldest commercial buildings into engineering laboratories and a the construction of a unique sound isolation chamber. With our Cell-connected 18MP time lapse cameras, the clients, contractors and designers all stay abreast of the developments with a click of the mouse.

CC shoots Alameda Square

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We are thrilled to be part of the massive construction project at Alameda Square in downtown Los Angeles, where we are front row (again!) on the revitalization of our home city. This historic home of the Los Angeles Produce Market has been a hub of commercial activity for years and is currently the home of American Apparel. Now in its next phase of rebirth, we are photographing the construction of a massive parking structure, commercial retail space, and rooftop greenway. This long-term project is a perfect showcase for our new internet-connected 18MP camera systems, which allow our clients the Atlas Group real-time monitoring from the jobsite to their principals across the country.

CC reunites with the Television Academy

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We love it when a client remembers us fondly and we get a chance to work with them again!   Recently we began our second project for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood.  Almost 7 years ago we worked with the ATAS on one of our first films when they remodeled their offices.  Now they are demolishing their large theater and building a bigger more modern replacement in the same space.  Reunited, and it feels so good!


As the old adage goes… I’d like to thank the Academy!

CCine shoots Nasty Gal

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We were thrilled to help internet sensation Nasty Gal launch their maiden store on Melrose Blvd. From final build to opening party, this compact project utilized all the tricks in our bag.

CCine shoots LAX

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We’re excited to be a part of the grand remodel of LAX currently underway!  Construction Cinema just inked a deal with Myers-Banicki Joint Venture to document the 2nd level roadway repair and remodel starting immediately and concluding in 2016.   Using our motion-controlled 20MP cameras, we are conducting exhaustive photo-surveys of the existing conditions of the work areas from multiple angles.  As per the Los Angeles World Airport’s requirements, we will be photographing the work in progress on a monthly basis, precisely replicating the photography from pre-construction in order to give the owners highly detailed before, during, and after photographs. While this is a highly technical process, we will be documenting the work in progress with our usual time lapse artistry and plan to deliver another award winning video in addition to the technical requirements.

CCine shoots historic bungalow at Culver Studios

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We were recently thrilled to shoot architectural photos of a historic bungalow on the Culver Studios backlot for our clients Hackman Capital. If my sources are correct, this is the very bungalow Lucy and Desi shared back in the Golden Age of Television.   Take a look at this fabulous space… Its available!

CC wins two Telly Awards for New City Market LA Promo

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We were very pleased to learn the we have been awarded a Silver Telly and a Bronze Telly award for our 2013 New City Market LA promo!  The Telly Awards receives over 13,000 entries annually from the finest ad agencies, production companies, TV stations, cable companies, interactive agencies and corporations in the world, and the Silver Telly is their highest honor.  Our work was recognized as among the best in Corporate Image and Real Estate videos in the country.    Kudos to our entire production team including Producers Bob McGinness and Mel Metcalfe, heli pilot Scott Magner, and our VFX team at Xrez: Eric Hanson, Greg Downing, and Jerry Weil.

But most of all thanks to our client Peter M. Fleming of City Market LA and architect Doug Hanson for bringing us in and giving us the opportunity to be a part of this incredible project!

Hans Haveron Mural Project

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fish_cuExcited to be working with the uber-talented Hans Haveron on an upcoming project. Hans is an amazing and prolific visual artist, designer, painter that I met thru my collaboration with the Do-Art foundation.  We recently met to do a test for an animated mural project, and it gave us a chance to try some different techniques and test our some new gear.

Welcome to Construction Cinema

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After many years of producing time-lapse films and development oriented videos under Loki Productions and Switch Studios’ banner, we have decided to start producing these projects out with our new brand:  Construction Cinema. We think this name aptly sums up our philosophy:  Construction is an art and rather than just documenting a project, we strive to show the beauty and magic in each project’s creation.


Thanks to all of the incredible architects, contractors, artisans, and craftsmen who have created fantastic spaces before our cameras.  We can’t wait to work with you again! And we look forward to working with our new clients.