CLA – Fan Install

Clay Lacy Aviation – NBAA Trade Show Video

We were thrilled to work with the great people at Clay Lacy Aviation to lens this video for their most important trade show of the year, the NBAA.

CLA – Skylights

CLA – Hangar Doors

Clay Lacy Ramp – Fixed Tail

CLA- Tradeshow — Day 2

CLA- Stabilization Test

CLA-Tradeshow Day 1

The NEW Clay Lacy Van Nuys Begins

CLA- Ramp V2a

This version adds new text touting 2.5 acres of new ramp, plus new shot of empty completed ramp. Minor tweaks, sharpening of CLA ramp timelapse,  titles centering and size adjustment plus minor retiming of pour time-lapse

Ramp Video – Cut 2

CLA – Ramp Pour – First Cut

Ramp Pour 7-20