Construction Cinema is your source for the highest-quality construction photography services, photo-documentation, architectural photography, pre-visualizations, corporate image and project awareness videos. We are award-winning producers of documentaries, commercials, and television programming with a special love for construction. Utilizing time-lapse photography, advanced motion control equipment,  the latest drone technology and high resolution digital SLRs, we create artistic and indelible images and videos of prestigious construction and architecturally significant projects.
    Founded in 2001 by Academy-Award™ winning filmmaker Matt Danciger, Construction Cinema has filmed a wide variety of projects for an eclectic group of Fortune 500 companies. Our clients choose us because we craft our films to tell the story their project’s creation from concept to completion.We work closely with contractors to get the details one camera on a pole could never get and we use every trick in the book to create a compelling and entertaining end result. 


    Our trademark service debuted in 2002 when we were commissioned to shoot the remodel of HBO’s West Coast offices. Word of mouth spread quickly and within three years we were hired to shoot for RedBull, Sony Pictures Studios, HLW Architects and the Television Academy.   Our current clients now comprise of a diverse mix of architects, contractors, corporations, and governmental agencies – from RedBull to Los Angeles World Airports we cover a lot of ground!


    We provide GEO-tagged photography, videography and drone photography for government and agency compliance. Our OSHA-certified photographers are skilled at capturing pre-existing conditions, progress  and completion photography to specification. Working closely with project managers, engineers and agency representatives we provide timely and comprehensive photographic updates for large projects in a wide range of media.

    Architectural Photography

    Architectural finish photography for publication, archival, and advertising. With our motion-control and drone photography we  add a new dimension to completion photography with smooth fly-throughs of finished spaces.

    Promos and Pre-Viz

    Award-winning promotional videos, project updates, and tailor-made presentations are all possible.  Our team comes from documentary and commercial backgrounds and can create marketing materials to your specifications. 

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